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Marketed exclusively to Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists, this revolutionary silicone scar treatment includes SPF 30 sunscreen to prevent scars while significantly improving the appearance of existing scars. bioCorneum®+ is the first and only FDA-approved, quick-drying silicone gel scar treatment with SFP30, and is rapidly becoming the leading choice of medical professionals when creating a scar management treatment plans for patients. Angelina Jolie’s surgeons selected bioCorneum®+ for her preventive mastectomy post-operative scar management treatment plan.[1]

Enaltus, the parent company responsible for the production of bioCorneum®+, has consistently demonstrated their commitment to deliver innovative, next-generation skincare products to address and optimize scar management treatment options for all patients.

bioCorneum®+ Benefits:

  • It is the only topical scar management product with published clinical studies (based on 2,000 patients) proving its efficacy and safety
  • Effectively flattens and soften the appearance of raised scars
  • It is the 1st and only FDA-approved, patented blend of silicone with SFP 30
  • The application is simple, rapid, and dries quickly to form a flexible, invisible silicone sheet
  • Helps to prevent scarring from burn-based injuries, as well as post-surgical injuries
  • By incorporating SPF 30 into the formula, bioCorneum®+ prevents and minimizes redness and skin discoloration (skin darkening or lightening) caused by sun exposure
  • Ameliorates discomfort and itching typically associated with scar healing
  • The water resistant formula may be applied to large scars, as well as scars located on irregular surfaces
  • Makeup may safely be worn over the bioCorneum®+ product

[1] “A Patient’s Journey, Angelina Jolie.”

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