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Body Contouring


At Dr. Q™ Medical Spa, we pride ourselves on being in touch with the needs of our patients, and we take the time to truly listen to their concerns and goals. Although we work with a diverse group of individuals, the common problem that affects all our patients is the scarcity of time. Balancing the responsibilities of work and family-life consumes so much of our patients’ energy, that little (if any) time is allotted for self-care and working toward optimal physical health. Dr. Suzanne Quardt (Dr. Q™) and her team of skillful, compassionate staff members understand that making time in your hectic day to spend hours at the gym is impractical for most people. We also realize that many patients simply cannot afford a surgical body contouring procedure (i.e. liposuction) and/or are not able to carve out the necessary recovery time needed after this type of invasive surgery.

To accommodate our patients seeking to boost their self-confidence and enhance their physique with minimal interruption to their daily routine, we are proud to offer the following next-generation body contouring treatments, each of which can be performed on an outpatient basis in the comfort of our pristine Rancho Mirage facility:

During your initial consultation, Dr. Q™ will perform a comprehensive medical evaluation, listening carefully to your body-shaping concerns and treatment objectives. She will utilize this information to meticulously design a body contouring treatment plan that is custom-tailored to reflect your unique physique and to safely produce your desired results.


Having your non-invasive body contouring procedure performed by an esteemed plastic surgeon such as Dr. Q™ provides a number of significant advantages:

  • Q™ has the clinical skillset, medical experience, and aesthetic vision to consistently produce optimal treatment outcomes with minimal risk of unwanted side effects
  • Unlike many practitioners, Dr. Q™ is readily available to answer your questions and address your concerns, should any arise
  • Because of her specialized training and medical background, Dr. Q™ is better able to understand and appreciate the biological science fueling the newest body-contouring technologies. This allows her to work with unparalleled precision and accuracy, and to consistently produce successful, long-term treatment outcomes


Situated in beautiful Rancho Mirage, California, Dr. Q™ Medical Spa has become an oasis for patients seeking a tranquil reprieve from the chaotic pace of everyday life while receiving non-invasive, yet highly-effective skin rejuvenation and body contouring treatments. Unparalleled patient care is the foundation of Dr. Q™’s cosmetic surgery practice, and she extends this exceptional level of service, attentiveness, and commitment to client satisfaction to her medical spa, where she offers a variety of customizable treatments designed to accommodate her patients’ diverse needs and aesthetic goals.

If would like additional information any of our non-invasive body contouring treatment options, please contact Dr. Q™ Medical Spa today. We look forward to speaking with you, and to scheduling your initial consultation with Dr. Q™.

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