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Jeuveau Injections to Reduce Wrinkles Before And After Photos

Jeuveau Injections to Reduce Wrinkles Before And After Photos

Jeuveau Injections Before And After Photos

Glabellar lines, commonly known as frown lines, are the pesky little creases between the brows that appear whenever you make an expression in the upper face. Jeuveau wrinkle-reducer injections can temporary relax the underlying muscles to soften these lines in your face.

During your initial consultation, your injection provider will explain you the potential effectiveness and benefits of Jeuveau treatment, and help you make an informed choice. Your surgeon may also present Jeuveau wrinkle reduction before and after photographs at the outset so that you can see for yourself what difference the treatment can make to your facial appearance.

Dr. Q Medical Spa, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Suzanne Quardt (Dr. Q) provides cosmetic injectable treatments for the face to patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Beverly Hills, CA, and surrounding communities.

What are Jeuveau Before and After Images?

Jeuveau injections to reduce wrinkles before and after pictures refer to a set of images pertaining to an earlier patient that has received the same treatment with successful results. The set includes photographs take prior to the Jeuveau injections and after the injections at a stage when the full effects of the neuromodulator anti-wrinkle treatment have been established and the temporary redness is resolved.

Your surgeon will acquire these photos only with the clear consent of the patient and maintain them in their records solely for educational purposes. The identity of the patient may be kept confidential as per protocol. When new patients review these photographs, they can understand what to expect and what not to expect from the injectable treatment, and make a choice suitable to their situation in life.

What awesome about these images is that because of 5G and internet technology you can see these images while flying from one city to another or while sitting in a fast food restaurant drinking a mocha or a shake, for instance. You can make a pivotal decision without anyone else being the wiser – not even one phone call made.

A Combination of Images and Text

To make the Jeuveau wrinkle reduction before and after photos more effective and useful, your medical spa injection provider may sometimes add a brief descriptive text along with the images. Through the text, they can explain what the patient’s condition of wrinkles and lines was before the Jeuveau procedure, and how the aging signs diminished after the treatment.

New patients can comprehend the actual benefits of Jeuveau injections more clearly when informative and succinct text accompanies the images. Although a picture itself can tell the story better than a thousand words can, a short description can sometimes add value to explain the intricate elements that the untrained eye of a patient may otherwise miss out.

Not only can an image replace all those spoken words a digital image offers even more clarity. Gone are the days when someone had to rely on a picture book or some brochure that did not even explain half the story. With digital images, you can realize what you are signing up for because the images offer so much to any viewer. This is what Dr. Quardt wants – transparency.

Sharing Pictures Online

The med spa injection expert may consider the opportunity of sharing Jeuveau injections to reduce wrinkles before and after pictures through multiple digital channels. These may include:

  • Image Gallery: Dr. Quardt’s image gallery is remarkable which is just one reason why her practice has been so successful and why there’s so many satisfied customers or patients. She does not want anyone signing up for any treatment or surgery unless they understand all the ramifications and what to expect.
  • Digital Portfolio: The Jeuveau injection provider can build an online picture portfolio to share with new patients seeking this treatment.
  • Blog Posts: Jeuveau injection before and after photos can be inserted in online articles and blogs to make them more interesting and informative.
  • Social Media: Before and after photos can complement social postings most effectively. Your surgeon may share the photos on platforms, such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.


Dr. Q Medical Spa receives patients from Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Beverly Hills, CA, and nearby areas for Jeuveau injections.

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