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Botox Risks and Safety

Botox Risks and Safety

Botox Risks and Safety | Palm Desert Medical Spa | Rancho MirageBotox is the world’s most popular anti-aging injectable procedure for the face. This FDA approved treatment can mitigate mild to moderate facial wrinkles and lines almost instantly, and restore a more youthful looking face. The procedure is considered very safe provided it is administered by a qualified Botox professional.

While the safety track record of Botox is very high, it is still advisable for a new patient to learn about its potential risks in order to make a well-informed choice. Botulinum toxin type A, which is the key ingredient in Botox, is a potent biological agent, which can cause severe side effects if it is administered wrongly or in wrong volumes. Dr. Q medical spa provides Botox injections to patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, and surrounding locations.


Potential Risks

Some of the potential risks and side effects of Botox include redness, inflammation, swelling, bruising, bleeding, infection, and pain in the treated areas. The symptoms may sometimes indicate an allergic reaction. If the patient finds difficulty in breathing or feels dizzy, they should immediately seek medical help.

Some other potential side effects of Botox may include muscle spasms, twitching, droopy eyelids, headache, neck pain, dry mouth, fatigue, or numbness in the injection areas. Muscle immobility may lead to numbness in a few cases. Muscle spasms may occur in some patients, especially where the Botox injections have not been effective.

If Botox medication is administered wrongly or in wrong volumes, it may spread to other sites, causing an adverse result on the surrounding tissue. For instance, when Botox is administered close to the upper eyelids or between the eyebrows, it can sometimes cause the eyelids to droop for a short period.


Additional Complications

Some of the other potential complications arising out of Botox when it is administered incorrectly may include the following:

  • Twisted or crooked smile
  • Symptoms resembling a flu
  • Cockeyed brows
  • Unexplained tearing
  • Difficulties in vision
  • Muscle weakness in the injected sites
  • Obstruction in swallowing or speaking
  • Weak bladder control

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Suzanne Quardt of Dr. Q Medical Spa receives patients from Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, and other cities and suburbs in this part of Southern California for Botox treatment.


Who should Avoid Botox?

Determining the candidacy is crucial to ensure safe and predictable results with Botox injections. The provider may advise individuals with one or more of the following conditions to avoid Botox:

  • Known allergy to an ingredient of Botox
  • Suffered previously from the side effects of Botox or a variant
  • Suffering from an untreated skin infection in the injection area
  • Suffering from ALS, myasthenia gravis, Lambert-Eaton syndrome, or another disease that affects muscles or nerves
  • Having asthma or chronic breathing troubles
  • Bleeding issues
  • Recently received a facial surgery procedure
  • Planning to receive a facial surgery
  • Weak forehead muscles
  • Unable to stop the use of NSAIDs and blood thinning medication for a short period before treatment

According to Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox, pregnant and breastfeeding women should also avoid Botox treatment.

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