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Dr 90210 On E! With Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Suzanne Quardt (Dr. Q)

Dr 90210 On E! With Dr. Q (of Dr. Q Med Spa)

It may come as a surprise to many that only about one in seven plastic surgeons in the US is a woman. E! is gearing up this fall to pay a tribute to some of the pioneering female plastic surgeons who have made it to the top in this extraordinary field. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Suzanne Quardt (Dr. Q) is one of the four pre-eminent doctors chosen by E! 

Dr. 90210 will track the professional and family life of Dr. Q as she touches her patients’ lives through life-altering plastic surgery procedures. Viewers of Dr. 90210 will get a glimpse of how Dr. Q brings out not only the external beauty but also the inner glow in the personality of her patients through her unique plastic surgery skills.   

Dr. Suzanne Quardt: A “Rock Star” in the Medical Field  

As Dr. 90210 returns this fall, it will shine the spotlight on Dr. Q who is driven by a single-minded passion to dramatically improve the lives of her patients through her surgical expertise and her knack to combine the principles of science and art in every procedure she performs.  

Dr. Q is one of the leading names in the area of plastic surgery who is known for creating exquisite yet natural looking results for her patients through surgical as well as non-surgical aesthetic procedures. Befittingly, Dr. 90210 introduces Dr. Q as a “rock star in the medical field” who is doing extraordinary work as a female plastic surgeon in a field largely led by men.  

Dr. Quardt’s female patients value the fact that they are going to receive treatment from a woman plastic surgeon. Her patients aptly sum up the sentiment by saying: “Who knows better than a woman what a woman wants to feel like?” On the E! show, Dr. Q will provide insights into how she customizes each cosmetic plastic surgery procedure as well as non-invasive procedures to meet the unique needs of a patient. 

Transforming Lives through Plastic Surgery   

The Dr. 90210 female plastic surgeon Dr. Q reveals on the show which qualities of hers differentiate her from other surgeons, and what strategies she adopts to meet the daily challenges at work. Using her exceptional surgical skills, a sense of artistic balance, and a commitment to change her patients’ lives for the better, Dr. Suzanne Quardt manages to deliver outstanding final outcomes for even the most complicated of cases. 

Dr. 90210 will also explore how Dr. Q multi-tasks as a woman and as a surgeon and how she strikes the right balance between her professional and personal life. The show will delve into questions such as how a successful female plastic surgeon’s passion for her profession and her success in the surgery room impacts her family life.   

In every plastic surgery or non-surgical cosmetic procedure she performs, Dr. Q is driven by a goal to enable the patient fall in love with their own body all over again and develop a strong self-image. When patients gain a new level of confidence about their own personality and well-being, it improves their performance at work and enriches their personal relationships as well.  

Take a look at this YouTube video link to enjoy the preview of Dr 90210 on E! with Dr. Suzanne Quardt (Dr. Q).   

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